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Welcome to Sierra Short Sales


Sierra Foothills Region Short-Sale Experts

Welcome to Sierra Short Sales. We have years of experience helping homeowners sell their homes, especially if they are upside down or do not have equity. Sierra Short Sales is qualified to service your short sale needs because of our experience, success and knowledge of the short sale process.

We are licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, Better Business Bureau and we have Certified Distressed Property Expert designations.

We are local and serve the Foothill Communities of Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park and Placerville. We also do business in the Tri-County areas within Sacramento/El Dorado/Placer Counties.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is a process of where a home is sold for less than the amount owed to the Lender(s). The Lender (Bank), will need to approve the short sale before the Seller will be allowed to convey ownership to the Buyer.

Benefits of a Short Sale

  • A short sale has less impact to the Seller's credit than a foreclosure
  • A short sale satisfies the debt the Seller owes the Lender(s)
  • A short sale typically gives the Seller more time in the home to execute a sale
  • A short sale allows the home to be sold, avoiding the stress that goes along with the Foreclosure process.

Why Choose Sierra Short Sales?

  • We are experienced and have been licensed by the California Department of Real Estate for over 20 years
  • We have been successfully negotiating and closing short sales since the beginning of the downturn in the market. We have closed millions worth of short sale transactions
  • We are staffed by Real Estate Agents that are solely dedicated to the short sale process. SHORT SALES ARE WHAT WE DO, WE ARE THE EXPERTS.
  • We do not charge a fee to the Seller or the Buyer for our services. We are compensated by the Bank, only WHEN it closes.
  • We have a HIGHER THAN NORMAL SUCCESS RATE (approximately 95%) of closing short sales.
  • We are easy to reach and speak to….You will be assigned to an Agent and a short sale negotiator who works on your behalf.
  • We are discreet. When your property is listed, there will not be signs advertising it as a "short sale". It will be marketed to home-buyers as a short sale "subject to lender approval".

How much does this cost me?

Our entire service is Free to the homeowner, from the initial consultation to the closing of the transaction. We are paid by the lender after closing.

Call us TODAY, or fill out our registration form and you will speak to an experienced agent who can help you figure out if a short sale is your best choice.

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